Dr. Richard Tooker

Dr Richard Tooker is a 35 year Public Health Physician with training in Epidemiology and Family Medicine.

  • Medical Director, Allegan County Health Department and Allegan County Community Mental Health Services
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine
  • Director, Heritage Hill Health and Wellness, PLLC
  • Project Coordinator, West Michigan Regional Opioid Medication Risk Reduction Initiative
  • Project Coordinator, Allegan Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force

Dr Richard Tooker began collecting US military insignia in 1957. Now Dr. Tooker has a private collection of US military insignia, uniforms, medals, badges, field gear, ordnance and weapons. His collecting and historical expertise extends from World War I through the Vietnam War.

Dr Tooker first did military relic displays in 1975.  Since then, he has done dozens of displays for schools, colleges, universities, museums, the armed forces and veteran’s organizations.

Dr Tooker served on Michigan Governor John Engler’s 50 Anniversary of WWII Commemorative Events Committee. He coordinated military relic displays around the state including a D-Day commemorative ceremony at the state capitol on June 6, 1994.

Currently Dr Tooker has approximately 740 US military uniforms from all uniformed branches and several thousand insignia and US military items. He is a consultant to Michigan Veterans Service offices and is called upon for his knowledge of US military history from WWI – Vietnam.

Dr Tooker was drafted for service during the Vietnam War but ironically flunked his draft physical and did not serve in the armed forces.