VollinkChaplain Larry L. Vollink
VA Chaplain, Ann Arbor
Past National Chaplain American Legion
Wing Chaplain, Michigan Wing Civil Air Patrol Auxiliary

Larry Vollink is our guest to present the Invocation.   He was born and raised in Grand Rapids and graduated from South High school where Pres. Gerald Ford and Al Green attended. He graduated from Great Lakes Christian College in 1970 and had ministries in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.  He became an Army Chaplain in 1980 and retired in 2000. Larry enjoyed his ministry with the American Legion serving 17 years as State Chaplain and 2008-9 as National Chaplain.  One of the highlights at National was giving the prayers in the Congress and Senate, and laying of the wreath at Arlington Cemetery. Currently,Larry works at VA Medical Center in Ann Arbor as Chaplain, he serves as the Michigan Wing Chaplain  of the Civil Air Patrol Auxiliary.  He preaches part-time at Huron Christian Church, Ypsilanti, and part time as a Hospice Chaplain in the Detroit Metro area.  Larry is married to Susie Oliver Vollink (’69) from Belmont, MI and have three sons, Greg, Randy, and Tim.  His pride and joy is Logan Ryan Vollink, his 6 year old grandson, living in Jacksonville, FL.